Order Firewood

There are several good reasons to consider using wood
fuels  for heating your home or business!
Burning wood makes more sense than ever with the high price of heating oil.  Compare the cost of heating with wood versus oil through links on our Useful Information page.  Locally produced wood fuel also keeps more of our energy dollars in the local Kodiak economy.
Wood and other renewable biomass fuels are considered a neutral contributor to atmosheric carbon.  This is true whenever we grow at least as much wood as we consume on a periodic basis.  Properly seasoned, locally grown spruce firewood will burn very cleanly in an efficient wood gasification boiler or wood stove.
Sound forestry practices on the local landscape can produce enough wood fuel to annually displace hundreds of thousands of gallons of heating oil on a sustainable basis.  As a community, we have an opportunity to become much more self reliant on our local resources and much less influenced by national and worldwide energy fluctuations.
Kodiak Wood Fuels
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