There are numerous resources on the Internet that will help you research the benefits of burning wood:

Here are some quick facts:

   ***A cord of seasoned spruce firewood burned in an efficient boiler will produce as much heat energy as approximately 100 gallons or more of heating oil.   Therefore, if you divide the price of a cord of Sitka spruce firewood by 100, you will calculate the equivalent price per gallon of heating oil that you would be paying.   For example, if a cord of spruce firewood sold for $200, the equivalent price would be $2.00/gallon of heating oil. 

  ***Not all wood boilers are efficient and clean burning.  Be careful to observe statements about the amount of smoke the boiler burns under normal operation.   Remember that burning wood efficiently requires burning it hot.  If a boiler or wood stove is producing smoke it is not burning efficiently.

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Some investment is required to burn wood fuel economically and conveniently.  Fortunately, there are some very good products that make it possible to use wood in ways that make a lot of common sense.  The Turboburn TB1 boiler recently (   installed here in Kodiak enables the owners to heat their house and domestic hot water year round.  Most of the year the boiler will have to be fired only once every 3 to 4 days.  This installation, although costing several thousand dollars to purchase and install, will pay for itself in just 4 to 5 years depending on how high heating oil prices are in that time frame.  These boilers are high efficiency wood burners that produce indiscernible amounts of smoke and particulates.  Kodiak Wood Fuels will be a long term reliable source of firewood so households and businesses can make these investments with confidence.
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