WE have a limited amount of firewood available from partially seasoned logs.  Orders will be filled first come, first serve.  Order firewood online at http://stores.kodiakwoodfuels.com/StoreFront.bok.
Ordering now will allow the firewood to dry through the summer in time for use this fall and winter!

OUR GOAL is to provide our community with a reliable source of wood fuel at a reasonable price.  We understand the need to make your firewood purchase and delivery a positive experience.  In order to accomplish this, it is important to us that we have clear instructions on where the load will be dumped at your residence, and that the access to the dumping area be unobstructed when the truck arrives.  While we do not offer firewood stacking services, we will be happy to recommend to you someone you can hire to stack your order for you.

KODIAK WOOD FUELS has an ongoing commitment to developing  our company into a quality, full service wood fuel production and delivery company that Kodiak can rely on.  Our winter rates and ordering details can be viewed on the Our Products page.  While it is too early to unveil our mid-term service and product plans, our long term customers can expect our products to improve and our service to be a pleasant experience.

AS A RESULT Kodiak can be confident that wood fuel will be available for the long haul. 

Order Firewood!
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